Recently I was scrolling through my twitter feed when I noticed something interested posted by an individual that I follow. It was a challenge of some kind, where each day you have to give your response to a question about your opinion of music. Reading through it I automatically started answering each question in my head. Anyone who knows me knows that I really enjoy sharing my opinion on music, so this “challenge” was actually really fun for me to do. It gave me the opportunity to search through the large music library in my head that seems to just be added to everyday, and even made me think a little bit harder on certain questions. As I was doing this in my head, I thought to myself, “hey this would be a good idea for a blog post.” So, here is the 30 day music challenge, condensed into one day in one blog post.

  1. A song your embarrassed to admit you like

Hotel Room Service – Pitbull. 

2. A song that made you a fan of an artist 

I Write Sins Not Tragedies – Panic! At The Disco. 

3. A parody or novelty song you like 

The Saga Begins – Weird Al Yankovich.

4. A song that gets stuck in your head

Chocolate – The 1975. Literally, every single time.

5. A song you like from a movie 

Danza Kuduro – Don Omar. The end of Fast 5 would just not have been the same without this masterpiece.

6. An instrumental song

300 Violin Orchestra – Jorge Quintero. There are no words to describe this. It’s literally just so epic and awesome, just go listen to it full volume and be amazed.

7. A song no one else seems to remember but you 

If We Ever Meet Again – Timberland feat Katy Perry.

8. A fall/winter song

Back to December  – Taylor Swift. Truthfully, I’m not entirely sure what makes a song ‘fall/winter’ other than Christmas music, but I figured this was a good answer, mostly because it just seems wrong to sing a song like this not in the winter for some reason.

9. A song that disturbs you 

Asylum – Disturbed. As if the band name itself didn’t give it away, the actual song itself doesn’t bother me, it’s the music video. Based on the name of the song I’m sure you can assume where the video takes place, and it is indeed disturbing, so much so that I wouldn’t really recommend watching it, unless you like super creepy things.

10. A song you disliked at first but now you like 

Young and Menace – Fall Out Boy. It came out only last week, but when I first listened to it I absolutely hated it. A couple of listens later and I realized that it was actually pretty good, and I’m actually a pretty big fan of it now.

11. A song sung in a different language 

Danza Kuduro – Don Omar. Not sure if I’m allowed to use the same song twice but I’m doing it anyway. I love this song even though I’m not entirely sure what he’s saying.

12. A song you can’t play while in polite company

Literally anything by Falling in Reverse. I could probably give you an exact song, but I think that answer is pretty accurate, because Falling in Reverse tends to have some very questionable lyrics in their songs.

13. A song from an artist you don’t normally like 

All Too Well – Taylor Swift. I am not huge Taylor Swift fan, but I do really like the emotion and sadness this song brings out, one of her better songs in my opinion.

14. A song you like from before the rock and roll era

I don’t even know how to answer this so I’m just not going to, because what even was music before the rock and roll era?

15. An outstanding album track/non single 

Bleed it Out – Linkin Park 

16. A song to play driving late at night 

Smile – Mikky Ekko 

17. A song from a genre you usually don’t like 

Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker. Not a huge fan of country music in the least, but this song is just so fun it’s hard to not to love it.

 18. A songs that reminds you of your mortality

So Far Away – Avenged Sevenfold 

19. A song about a person 

Hey Jude – the Beatles 

20. An obscure song you want people to hear 

Also skipping this one, because I’m not sure what necessarily qualifies as “obscure”

21. A song you can listen to before you fall asleep

Hate To See Your Heart Break – Paramore

22. A song thats over 9 minutes 

Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin. I’m not sure if this is actually over 9 minutes, but it sure feels like it is.

23. A song about a specific place or location 

Barcelona – Ed Sheeran 

24. A song thats heightened when your under the influence 

I’m never under the influence so I wouldn’t be able to answer that question. Duh.

25. A song that tells a story 

Terrible Things – Mayday Parade. One of the saddest stories ever. I cried listening to this for the first time.

26. A song with a political message 

American Idiot – Green Day. Does this actually count? Not sure, but I’m going to pretend like it does.

27. A song about recklessness 

Fat Lip – Sum 41

28. A song that makes you sentimental 

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran 

29. A joyful song

LA Devotee – Panic! At The Disco 

30. A song about leaving 

Closing Time – Semisonic