With the release of their latest album “After Laughter” being only eights days away, it was unexpected that we would get any new music from the band before the albums release. Surprising their fans, Paramore released a new single titled “Told You So,” and a music video to accompany it.

Following in the same path as “Hard Times,” “Told You So” has a upbeat, funky 50s theme paramore-premieres-funky-single-told-you-so.jpgto it. It has the kind of beat that makes you want to bob your head back and forth and is so incredibly catchy. The music features members Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Zac Farro driving in a car and dancing along to the song together, which ironically is the exact kind of vibe this song gives out. It’s the perfect song to listen to while driving with the windows down, dancing along and singing to it in your seat. The guitar riffs are funky and interesting, the drum beat is groovy, and Hayley’s vocals sound incredibly polished and clear.

“Told You So” despite its seemingly upbeat and happy instrumental, has some pretty honest and sad lyrics to it, which looking at this single and “Hard Times,” seems to be the theme of the album. It’s funny how the meaning of the lyrics are so cleverly disguised in the happy rhythm of the song itself. Lyrics such as the opening line “for all I know
the best is over and the worst is yet to come” show that behind the upbeat tambourine infused sound is the hard and sad reality that Paramore has been faced with over the years.

The music video for the single was directed by Zac Farro himself, using Hayley as inspiration behind the idea. According to a recent interview with thefader.com, the scenes shot in the car were meant to be a symbol of the car rides the band would take together after recording sessions.

“Zac noticed that my anxiety and overall state was just a lot more peaceful on those drives,” lead singer Hayley Williams told The FADER, “and mentioned to me that it made him happy to see me rest for a moment. It means a lot that they conceptualized a video around a passing moment we had as friends.”

The continued with the personal touches in the video, using Farro’s actual car in the shoot, and using York’s home for the shots of Williams singing.

Although taking a step away from what we are used to, I absolutely love Paramore’s new sound. The rhythmic funky vibes these new song have carry such a light and happy feeling, the music is just genuinely enjoyable to listen to. Not only that, but I love the honesty that are put into the lyrics. In today’s music industry, it’s really hard to find lyrics that are actually meaningful. Seriously, listen to any song playing in pop radio right now, and listen to what the lyrics are really saying. It’s shocking what passes as “good music.” But Paramore is the exception to that, actually releasing material that has depth and meaning, inspired by true hurt. If the rest of the album is anything like these two songs, then it is going to be absolutely fantastic. May 12th can’t come soon enough.