Many people know Hayley Williams as the lead singer of the wildly successful pop-punk band Paramore. She’s been the face of the band since she was 14 years old, when the band was first signed to Atlantic Records. Williams has been known for being a pioneer for women in music, becoming one of the most well known and well respected front women. From a young age, Williams was often the only female musician on tours, specifically during her early years on the Vans Warped Tour, where the band got their start. Her fiery red hair, powerful presence on stage and strong vocals gained her serious respect in the music community, helping to pull her band from the scene into the mainstream music world. However, Williams is more than just an inspiration for women in music, she’s an inspiration for girls of all ages in so many different ways.


I have always admired Hayley Williams, ever since I first saw the Misery Business music video in 2007. She just seemed like she was such a badass, she had crazy dyed hair, awesome makeup, and she was the singer of a rock band, which is something you almost never see. But beyond that, she just had this radiating presence of power and confidence that I admired so much. When you see Williams perform, whether live or in a video, her energy just travels to you. Confidence in yourself, whether it be confidence in your physical ability or your confidence in capability, is often hard to grasp. Williams confidence is the kind of confidence I hope to have one day, and seeing her in that element, on stage or in an interview, inspires me to get there one day.

In this day and age, individuality is hard to come by. There’s this overarching pressure in our society to fit the norms, change who you are to fit in with everyone else, regardless of if you really want to or not. Williams is incredible because she doesn’t follow that. I have never seen a person who is so much herself, and does what she wants regardless of what other people might think. She lives how she wants, and does what she wants, and that is so admirable, especially in our world today. From her hair, to her clothes, to her personality, Williams inspires everyone, not just girls, to be their own person. Be who you want and live your life how you want, and that is something I’ve been able to grasp because of Hayley Williams. With the creation of her hair dye company, she is giving people an outlet to be themselves, to express themselves how they want, regardless of what other people may think.

Hayley Williams has taught me so much, and has inspired me in so many ways. From listening to her music, to seeing her in concert, to watching interviews that she’s done, she has become one of the people that I aspire to be like one day. Maybe you aren’t a fan of Paramore and their music, and that’s fine. Regardless on your opinion of her music, it’s hard to say that Williams isn’t an incredible individual, and I know that so many other people like me, have been inspired and look up to her everyday. Thank you Hayley.08637d6f0f64eca9e5139542264f8125