On March 4th, 2017, I traveled to the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts to experience Panic! At The Disco’s “Death of a Bachelor” Tour. Panic! has always been one of my favorite bands, and I had been counting down the days to this show, so I was pretty excited. This tour was the second tour supporting the bands latest alum, “Death of a Bachelor,” which was released at the beginning of 2016. This was third time I was seeing Panic! live, so I already knew the night was going to be incredible

The night was already memorable before the band even took the stage. After two incredible performances by openers Saint Motel and MisterWives, the crowd starting getting restless waiting for Panic! to take the stage. Fortunately, the crowd was entertained in the meantime by two audience members who had an epic dance battle from across the arena. It might have been one of the most memorable things I’ve witnessed at a show, and the entire arena was so in to it, cheering and yelling each time one of them
would dance. The dance battle ended as a timer got projected on to the stage, counting down from 10 minutes before the show would start. With every minute that passed, the cheering got louder and louder. With 10 seconds left, the entire arena stood to their feet, and counted down the final seconds together screaming when the timer hit zero. And just like that, the list dimmed, the crowd exploded, and Panic! At The Disco ripped into the opening guitar riff of “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time.”


The band moved from song to song flawlessly, hitting the crowd with songs one after the other. The energy in the room was constant, Panic! never gave the audience a chance to rest, as they just moved from song to song. The set list for this show was insane, heavily supported by songs off of their latest album, but with a great mix from their past albums as well, including a melody of songs from their first album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” that are rarely performed live. They were also sure to include their hit song “Girls/Girls/Boys”, which has gained a lot of attention and respect for its support and promotion of the LBTQ community. Fans of the band actually took the time to cut out thousands of paper hearts in an assortment of colors, handing them out to concert goers as the entered the arena. When the band launched into the song, everyone in the crowd pulled out their paper hearts, and held them to their phone lights, illuminating the arena in a rainbow of color. It was an incredible moment during the night, one of love and acceptance, and Brendon made the point of stating afterwards that he as truly moved by it. The band also did an awesome cover of Billie Joel’s “Moving Out,” and of course they performed their incredible cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which honestly gets even better every single time I hear it.

The arena during the performance of “Girls/Girls/Boys”

My favorite part of the night, however, was frontman Brendon Urie’s piano rendition of “This is Gospel.” The band released a video for this version of the song on youtube in 2014, and it was absolutely incredible. I fell in love with it, and since that video was uploaded I waited to see it done live. Three years later, Urie finally did it, and it was every bit as magical as I thought it would be. While a video was projected on the main stage to distract the audience, Urie made his way to a secondary stage located at the back of the arena (which was right in front of me). The platform had a glittery piano perched on top of it, and Urie sat down, and blew the entire audience away with this beautiful performance. With just the piano and his vocals, it was so personal, so intimate, and so moving. It was easily my favorite part of the night. (The performance is posted below, it’s not my video but it was filmed at the same date that I was at). Following this performance, Urie hopped down off the platform, and surrounded by security guards, walked through the floor seats on his way back to the main stage, all while singing the title track “Death of a Bachelor” and hugging very exciting fans.

Brendon Urie is quite honestly one of the most talented artists performing today. I feel as though his talent is so under appreciated, because of Panic! At The Disco’s lack in huge popularity. Regardless of whether you are an actual fan of Panic’s! music or not, one has to admit that Urie is a seriously talented guy. His voice, for one, is incredible. He can hit some seriously high notes, notes that a lot of female singers can’t even hit. He hit them time and time again during the show, and it honestly just takes your breath away listening to him sing. Not only can the guy sing, he can play virtually every instrument, and he can play them well. He played the piano for four different songs during the night, and even got on the drums and played a solo to Bruno Mars’s “24K Magic” and Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.” He’s a ball of energy, he never stops moving when he’s on stage, and he just has this sense of confidence that just radiates when he performs. His presence alone is enough to get the crowd excited and amped up, and he never disappoints.

This show truly was so much fun. I’m writing this post the day after the show, and I can 100% say, post concert depression is seriously a thing. It was clear that a lot of work was put into this show, the production was extensive, including streamers, confetti cannons and pyro. Brendon gave us the honor of saying we were the loudest show of the tour so far, and my lack of a voice today can definitely attest to that statement. The entire audience spent the entire night dancing, singing and clapping along, and I think everyone left that arena with a smile on their face. Panic! At The Disco, you never disappoint.

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