February 12th was the biggest night in music: the Grammys. This incredible night was filled with countless celebrities, insane performances, moving tributes, cringe-worthy teleprompter jokes, and some people won some awards too. So much happened in this night that I couldn’t possibly write about everything that happened, because that would be an insanely long post and I dont think any of you would want to read that. So instead, I am here to recount some of the most memorable moments of the night, and some of my favorites as well.

Adele’s Opening Performance
I loved that Adele opened the night. She truly did have an incredible year in 2016, making an insane comeback with her album “25” after disappearing for way too long. My favorite thing about this performance was how simple it was. Normally during awards shows, artists will come out with the most ridiculous, over the top performances (looking at you Beyonce), and a lot of the time it takes away from the music itself. Adele had no production at all, it was her on a stage, with a spotlight, just singing. And it was incredible. That is the testimate to a truly talented singer, being able to captivate and move an entire audience, with just your voice.

adele 2.jpg

Best Pop Duo Award
Naturally I have to give a shout-out to Twenty One Pilots who took home the Best Pop Duo award. Obviously I was pulling for a TOP victory, but I was a bit nervous that their Grammy would be stolen by the Chainsmokers, who were also nominated. But it only made sense for Tyler and Josh to snatch this award, because they seriously had such a successful year. They made a name for themselves and made their presence in the music industry known, and for that I think they were the most deserving. The duo also accepted the award wearing tuxedo jackets and boxers, and gave the cutest and most humbling explanation as to why.

“As we were watching [The Grammy’s] we noticed that every single one of us was in our underwear, and seriously Josh turns to me , and we were no one at that time, he turned to me and he said ‘yanno if we ever go to the Grammy’s, if we ever win a Grammy, we should receive it just like this'”


Ed Sheeran Perfomance
I think everyone was excited to see Ed’s return to the stage on Grammy’s night. For his comeback, he did a stripped down version of his new single “Shape of You.” Similar to ed sheeran.jpgAdele, Sheeran was able to captive the audience with no production behind him. All you saw in front of you was Ed in his jeans and T-shirt, his guitar, sound board and piano. And it was still one of the best performances of the night. There’s a lesson to be learned here: sometimes, less is more.

Beyonce’s Performance
And just like that, we go from talking about minimalistic beautifbattan-beyonce-grammys-1200ul performances to whatever it was Beyonce did on that stage. It started off well, as her mother gave a beautiful opening introduction about the pride of being a mother. But once she was done, things got weird. There was just so much happening in this performance, it got to the point where it was a bit too much. In a way, it became so much less about the music and so much more about the random stuff that was happening on stage around her. There were chairs and children running around and people dressed as goddesses bowing down to Beyonce. Am I the only one who noticed there was actually very minimal singing during this performance? Last time I checked this was a music awards show. I understand this is a super unpopular opinion, because everyone drools overtime Beyonce breathes, but this performance was over the top, and really not that good. Sorry not sorry.

Chance the Rapper
I really do not listen to59th GRAMMY Awards -  Show Chance the Rapper, but he deserves a shoutout for making history at the Grammy’s. After winning the Grammy for best new artist, best rap album and best rap performance, Chance became the first person to win a Grammy without selling physical copies of his music. An unsigned artist, Chance streams all of his music online for free. The rapper’s victory comes after the Grammy governing board made the decision this year to allow the nominations of
albums only released on streaming services.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a rock and roll act actually getting to perform at the Grammy’s. The entire genre of rock seems to be looked over at this awards show, and that to me is incredibly infuriating, so naturally I was pretty excited
when I heard Metallica was going to perform this year. And metallic.jpgthen I was confused, because for some reason Lady Gaga was up there too. Now I know the people who put the Grammy’s together figured that they would have to put a well-known pop icon up there with the band, so that those millennials who don’t know who Metallica is would be somewhat interested (even writing that made me sad for my generation ugh). I have to give props to Gaga though, she held her own up there with the metal band, head banging and crowd surfing as once does in a rock and roll band. It was a little odd to witness, but also kinda cool at the same time.

Adele and her Awards
The end of the night started the string of Adele’s victories, as she took home song of the year for “Hello,” record of the year for “Hello” and album of the year for “25,” beating out Beyonce every single time. As I stated earlier, there really is no one better deserving for these awards than Adele. She truly is just such an incredible artist, she has pure talent, and that deserves to be recognized and awarded. The memorable moment of the night though, was during her acceptance speech for album of the year. She mentions that she does not deserve this award and that it really should be going to Beyonce. I was waiting for Kanye to come out from somewhere and start yelling about how she was right. And then Adele did the most humble and sweetest thing ever, she broke her Grammy in half, Mean Girls style, so she could share it with her hero, Beyonce. Honestly, is there anyone better than Adele?