I’ve been to a lot of concerts. Like a lot. But there was something about the energy in the arena on the night of January 17th that was unlike anything I’d experienced at any other show. The room was buzzing, the audience could barley contain themselves as they waited for the main act to take the stage. And when the lights dimmed, and the curtain dropped, the room exploded. Twenty One Pilots had hit the stage.

For those of you who may not know, Twenty One Pilots is a band composed of two people, drummer Josh Dun and vocalist Tyler Joseph. The band gained a lot of recognition and popularity in 2016, following the release of their third album “Blurryface” which produced the hit songs “Stressed Out” and “Ride.” It was as if overnight, Twenty One Pilots exploded, and they quickly went from an unknown underground band, to one that sells out arena tours in minutes.


I had first encountered Twenty One Pilots in 2013, when the opened for Fall Out Boy’s “Save Rock and Roll” Tour. I immediately was hooked, their sound was unlike anything I had ever heard. Their music was so captivating and unique, and their lyrics were so well-written and honest. I quickly became a huge fan.

Fast forward to 2017, and I’m standing in the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, attending their Emotional Roadshow Tour. It really is difficult to put into words what an experience this show was. The pure energy that radiated from the stage, from these two performers, was unreal. There was so much power that these two emitted, it was as if they had the entire arena under their control.

If you ever get the opportunity to see this band live, TAKE IT. Because let me tell you, this band puts on a show. From the moment these two step onto the stage, you are blown away by what you are seeing in front of you. The production of the show itself is captivating; giant screens are the backdrop behind the band, producing light shows and images that perfectly correspond with the music being played. The production continues when they move to their B-Stage, located in the middle of the floor audience. The floor of the stage is a giant screen, producing light and images from below the performers. Combined with the border of lights surrounding the stage, the show isn’t just for your ears, but for you eyes as well.

A huge part of any show is the audience interaction between the artists and the crowd, and Twenty One Pilots takes it to a whole new level. At this show, you aren’t just the audience, you’re practically part of the show. Tyler hands the mic over to the crowd several times throughout the show, allowing the audience to sing back full versus of songs. I think the best part of their shows, however, is when they physically place them selves in the audience. Yes, it happened. During the performance of their hit song “Ride,” a small drum kit on a platform was placed on to the crowd located on the floor. Josh then stepped up onto the platform, performing the song while being held up by the fans. A similar set up occurred during the finale of the show, where both Josh and Tyler were held up by the audience, playing the outro to their song “Trees” while confetti exploded behind them. Not to mention there was the use of a human-sized hamster ball, and a game of Mario 64 between Tyler and a fan. This band will amaze you time and time again, and trust me, you will not be bored.

I think one of the greatest parts of the show, however, was the sense of belonging and togetherness I felt there. I was in a huge arena, filled with thousands of people I didn’t know, and yet I still felt a part of something. We all sang back together in unison, we clapped together we jumped together. This music, this band, made me feel like I was apart of something bigger than myself that night. I felt accepted, I didn’t feel alone or misunderstood. I was in a room with people who all felt the same way about this music as I did. You’ll never feel alone at a Twenty One Pilot’s show. Because in the words of Tyler Joseph: “We are Twenty One Pilots, and so are you.”